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How To Supply Artwork:
If you are new to designing artwork we would suggest you use one of our templates to help you.

Drop us an email and let us know what template you need, and we will email you back the template you require. Our template will give you the required artwork size, the finished size and some tips on where to position your text and information.

We will supply you a template in a jpeg format, so set the page size to the required artwork size (as stated in your template) and then simply place the jpeg on the page, you can then see clearly what the finished size will be and where to position text in order to keep it safe from our guillotines.

Colour mode:
Please always supply your files in CMYK mode. Colours created in RGB mode are never the same as colours set to CMYK.  

Colour saturation should not exceed 300% in total, however our system will automatically knock it back to avoid over saturation and faulty printing.

100% Black (K), 50% Cyan (C) and 50% Magenta (M) is perfect for a deep and rich black. If you are using heavy areas of black we would advise you to set your black up in this way.

File Format:
Please supply your artwork in either a 300dpi jpeg or a high resolution PDF (x1a Standard)
Please remember to convert all text into curves (paths).
We don't need any crop marks, print boxes or markers.

We would never just print what you send us without checking your file first, should there be an issue we would advise you of it straight away.

We are always happy to help customers as much as we can so if you are uncertain or have any other questions feel free to get in touch.

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