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Terms and Conditions:

Payment Regarding printing:
Printing will not begin until the total bill for print is paid in full and all funds are cleared. Payment is preferred by bank transfer, this is fully safe and totally traceable. Match Book Media bank account details can be found on the invoice requesting payment. Payment can also be made by cheque, however print will not begin until all fund are cleared. Match Book Media also except payment by credit or debit card. Debit Cards (No Service Charge). Credit Cards (2% Service Charge).

Regarding Design:
Match Book Media will undertake certain design works without prior payment dependent on size and hours required. If the size of the design is in excess of normal work (s) Match Book Media will require stage payments. This will be detailed out at the initial design brief. 

Print Ready Artwork:
Match Book Media can work with the following – PDF, Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Draw & High resolution Jpegs. 
To supply print ready artwork your file must be saved as PDF (according to the standard PDF/X1-a 2001) or high Res Jpeg.
It must have the appropriate bleed and be saved in the C.M.Y.K colour palette.
Match Book Media will never just print artwork you send. Match Book Media  will always inspect what you send to make sure it meets with what is required to obtain the very best print result. If an additional charge is required to correct or re-set out print ready artwork this will be detailed to you the customer before starting your work(s) Files saved under the Microsoft umbrella (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc) are not formats that can be converted to print ready artwork, therefore a redesign fee will become applicable.

Delivery Times and Courier Services:
Match Book Media only use trusted courier services.  (FedEx, DPD & APS)
All times stated are as accurate as can be at time of order; however Match Book Media expects no liability or loss of earnings for late delivery in any way. Please be aware: In the case of products with a print runs of over 15,000 items, partial deliveries may have to be made for production reasons. Match Book Media is not responsible for any product damage between the transit from the print factory to the clients address. Match Book Media always deliver goods with high quality packaging and trusted courier services. Once the goods are in the hands of the courier, any damage occurred afterwards, Match Book Media are not responsible for.  However as a responsible supplier Match Book Media may be able to help to sort out the issue between you and courier. Match Book Media strongly recommend the client should not to receive any goods in damaged conditions.  If they receive them, Match Book Media will not be able to sort out the issue. If you have to receive the goods in damaged conditions (in case of your goods being needed desperately), please sign for the goods as DAMAGED. This way Match Book Media can sort the problem out with the courier.

Regarding Cutting and Folding :
Although Match Book Media only use the world’s best machinery for its production, there still has be some sort of tolerance for cutting, guillotining, folding etc.; which should be acceptable by the customer.  A Minimum 2 mm of cutting and folding tolerance should be acceptable.

Regarding Product Quantity:
A 10% short or 10% over run of product quantity must be accepted by client. All though Match Book Media produces at least 10% more than product quantity ordered, due to cutting, folding, lamination, UV or various reason, shorts of product quantity may happen. But this is very unlikely to happen.

Regarding Colour Match:
In spite of the most modern printing machines, there may be slight colour deviations. The print result is dependent on many factors, including the character of the paper from individual manufacturers, e.g. the degree of whiteness, the grain direction and/or whether it is gloss or matt; climatic conditions at the printing site, such as temperature and air humidity.  So should colour deviations within the tolerance range arise for reasons of this sort then due to the way our system works this will not constitute a reason for complaint. Also some variation of colour is inherent in the print process and it is understood and accepted as reasonable.  As a result Match Book Media shall have no liability in respect of such variations.

Regarding Paper Quality:
Match Book Media cannot give a guarantee of the paper quality of what was printed in the past or a sample that was sent to you as Match Book Media’s suppliers buy from differently sourced paper mills and merchants and as a result stock a large number of paper palates. Supplier to supplier's paper may vary from paper's smoothness, roughness, colour, grain, weight, etc.

Regarding Proofing:
When agreeing a proof of artwork you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated in this document. You are also confirming that all spelling and alignment is to your knowledge correct and to your satisfaction. Match book media accepts no responsibility for error once a proof has been agreed. No refund will be given and this will not be seen as grounds for complaint.

Regarding Complaints:
Match Book Media have got the right to resolve any complaint with its own discretion and we will not be liable for any loss of income, loss of profits, loss of markets, loss of reputation, loss of customers, loss of use or loss of an opportunity. Even if Match Book Media had knowledge that such damages or loss might arise or for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss howsoever arising including without limitation breach of contract, negligence, wilful act or default.

If you have any other complain, it should be notified to Match Book Media within 24 hours of delivery of goods.  After this time frame no complaint will be accepted.
Match Book Media cannot accept complaints due to data that has been supplied incorrectly.
To qualify your complaint, Match Book Media may ask you to send some copies (In some cases 100% of the product) of your complaint related product. Please also note that because Match Book Media cannot give guarantee of productions colour, product colour, time, lamination, die cut, embossed, spot UV, print finish or cutting, Match Book Media can therefore not accept any complaint on this ground.

Regarding Free Items:
Our free counter top menu, window menu & website service are only valid when placing an order for takeaway menus.
An order of: Design, Print, Folding & Delivery will qualify for our free items.
Our print only service will not qualify for the free items listed on our takeaway menu printing page.
Our free items are only available when ordering takeaway menus (To the above requirements)

Match Book Media reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice.

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